Petition to Save the St-Basil Convent


A petition circulated yesterday launched by “Elna Loubnan” and aggregated here on the circle as it pertains as a ‘national’ petition.

The undersigned request that the Vatican Holy Council does not sell the St-Basil Convent (that follows the Basilien Choueirite order, and is located at: Rue de l’independance, Achrafieh, Beyrouth, Lebanon). 

This is one of the last remaining Christian convents in Beyrouth, Lebanon that has not been sold yet. However it is currently awaiting approval from the Vatican and is in the process of being sold to a Saudi holding company for real-estate construction that targets oil-rich, wealthy people. 

The convent incorporates a church open to the public, and offers social services. 

The undersigned urge the Vatican to halt the sale and keep the convent to the service of the public and the believers as it should be. 


The Undersigned

Care to act on your part: Sign the Petition


One Response to “Petition to Save the St-Basil Convent”

  1. 1 Rudy Elias

    This “convent” does not even exist.
    It is a rumor created for political goals

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