Endorsing Abu Karam in the next Lebanese General Elections – Akkar Province


Nobody’s heard of Mahmoud Ahmed Khaled (better known as Abu Karam), and thats precisely why the innercircle is endorsing his candidature.

A family man, a traditional fisherman off the coats the mediterranean, this Lebanese citizen is running for the Sunni seat of Akkar in the north. He’s running against hawkish politicians; and yet his humanity and decency for the average joe is more relative to the voter than heavy pocketed rascals that have been elected time and time again.

The Lebanese people are eager for new faces, and clean hands. New names, new ideas, regardless of their origins.

With slogans like “a beloved candidate, not a candidate that stands by the door” and “the candidate of the poor, the poorest candidate,” Abu Karam’s nomination gathers various responses that range between sarcasm to sincerity.

There are those that mock my nomination, considering the fact that I am poor. What is wrong with being poor? What do those in high position as humans have that I don’t? Citizens have to be responsible and support their peers who fully understand their predicament to parliament,” Abu Karam said to the daily An-Nahar on Monday.

Abu Karam said that even if he wins the elections, he would “continue to fish and sell fish, that’s me.”

Don’t you just Love him?


One Response to “Endorsing Abu Karam in the next Lebanese General Elections – Akkar Province”

  1. 1 posh

    Sounds like a cool dude. But, talk is cheap especially when it’s about elections. What are the chances that he doesn’t become corrupted? But, for now, he’s much better than the rest of the clowns.

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