Pink Taxis for Ladies – Only


lebanese_pink_taxiA taxi firm in Lebanon has unveiled a new concept geared toward women, complete with a fleet of pink cars and pink-attired female drivers ready to keep the sexes apart.

Initially, I thought I would have a rough time finding female taxi drivers given that in Lebanon this is a man’s job,” said Nawal Yaghi Fakhri, owner of “Taxi Banet” or “Taxi for Women” which was launched yesterday.

The initiative, the first of its kind in Lebanon, has won the backing of the tourism ministry keen to cater to a growing clientele of wealthy female tourists from conservative Muslim countries in the Gulf region.

This is the second such company to open in the Middle East after the United Arab Emirates,” Lina Ghanem, a spokeswoman at the tourism ministry, told AFP.

The company’s drivers will only serve women.

The idea, however, has not gone down well with some. “This is what you call sexual discrimination,” joked Jad Fakhoury, a Lebanese businessman who attended the launch ceremony.

To contact Banet Taxi – 70 286 896 or 04 419 006


9 Responses to “Pink Taxis for Ladies – Only”

  1. Do u need girl drivers?

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  3. im want job

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  5. Very nice post, thanks man!

  6. 6 Jim Chahal

    In my personal opinion this is a swell idea. Not from a safety point of view, and certainly not from a separation between the sexes advocacy point of view, it is just a cute idea which will distinguish Lebanon by this new look. If you look at it as a business targeting a market niche then perhaps all the other arguments, no matter what they are based on, may be accepted as irrelevant. In conclusion I say more power to Taxi Banet. If you have a better idea please by all means go ahead and bring it forth.

    Jim Chahal

  7. There are many ways of looking at this event/development, in my opinion. On the one hand you have the pluses of safety as raised by farrah, but on the other hand i can also see this as another step toward conformity to arab countries and influences which has also been on the rise recently. One step closer, one step too many, especially when matters of sexism come into play. I can only be wary about this.

  8. 8 Farrah

    What I love about this is a feeling of safety. Sexual harassment and even rape have been on the rise when girls take taxis. Not that this will eliminate that but I would sure feel safer getting into one of these than any of the other taxis in Lebanon.

  1. 1 Global Voices Online » Lebanon: Pink Taxis for the Ladies

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