Lebanon’s environment overshadows political bicker


Fixing the WorldThe Minister of the Environment Antoine Karam launched on Sunday a ‘national conference’  entitled “The Permanent National Conference on Environment” under the auspices of first Lady of Lebanon Wafaa Sleiman. 

The conference brought together 200 members of environmental associations and close to 45 civil society organizations.

Turmoil and political conflict in Lebanon comes and goes, but if the environment disappears, it may never come back,” Marouni said at the Habtoor Hotel.

Karam told an audience of politicians and journalists that there was no excuse for the delay in tackling environmental problems in Lebanon.

The slow accumulation of the causes of environmental degradation, especially since the industrial revolution, has brought us to the brink of collapse,” he said.

He added that Lebanon’s most important economic sectors, tourism and investment, were dependent on the country’s nature.


One Response to “Lebanon’s environment overshadows political bicker”

  1. It’s about time to start diverting our focus on issues other than the political ones. I believe if we make people focus on many other diverse subjects, they would lessen their political bickering.

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