Britain’s change of heart on Hezbollah


The International Herald Tribune published an article about an hour ago, concerning the Government of Britain‘s stand on open talks with the ‘political wing’ of Hezbollah.

We have reconsidered the position … in light of more positive developments within Lebanon,” Foreign Office Minister Bill Rammell told a parliamentary committee. “For that reason we have explored establishing contacts.

In a world where the Bush doctrine is dying out, and the word ‘terrorism’ is increasingly becoming absurd and relative, the British government, a long close ally to the United States and Israel, have pondered on looking at the situation in the Middle East in a different light.

Forced by the outcome of the next General Elections in Lebanon (set for June 7th), the world may have to deal with an official representative, elected democratically by its people, to represent Hezbollah.

We will look to have further discussions and our overriding objective within that is to press Hezbollah to play a more constructive role, particularly to move away from violence,” Rammell added.


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