Lebanese Expatriates in Qatar – Join the silent evolution


Effective only to Lebanese residing in Qatar.

1235452036_276Lebanon Expats – Qatar chapter is currently opening the invitation for volunteering and/or helping with the forthcoming social activities planned. If you are committed you are also welcome to join our committee. Lebanon Expats Qatar chapter forthcoming event is the 4th annual gala dinner which proceeds are donated for charity in Lebanon .

Lebanon Expats is a promising project that has expanded to cover more than 16 countries worldwide. Scattered around the world in large numbers, building a strong image for our nation, we were established in 2005. We are a non-partisan, non-profit group of enthusiastic Lebanese volunteers working hand in hand across the world to reach out to the roots of our home land, Lebanon .

We are the voice of Lebanese scholars, businessmen and professionals living abroad dedicated to building channels of communications between the Lebanese people. Our mission is to promote the powerful presence of the Lebanese abroad by carrying on social activities that will bring our people together and economical activities that will improve standards of living and create job opportunities in Lebanon.

All of our 2006, 2007 and 2008 events proved very successful as they attracted more than 400 Lebanese living in Doha who attended the dinners, enjoyed the nice atmosphere, entertainment, proved their social responsibility and patriotism to Lebanon and also benefited from the excellent networking opportunity it presented them with.

How can you be part of our team?

Our only rule is “Don’t talk politics!” Just contact our coordinators in Qatar at qatar@lebanonexpats.org and you are welcome to join!

Lebanon Expats – Qatar Chapter
Email: qatar@lebanonexpats.org


One Response to “Lebanese Expatriates in Qatar – Join the silent evolution”

  1. Now is the time to apply the adhesive but there is a small step before that.

    They can join groups and ‘like’ their favorite musicians, TV shows, authors and organizations.
    If you are not keeping your page current and populated
    with new and interesting bits and pieces to read, you won.

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