A Smoke-free Gémmayze



On Thursday February 19, 2009 many of the pubs and restaurants in Gemmayze will go smoke free.  The campaign, organized by the Rotaract Clubs of Beirut and Sahel Metn, is set to allow non-smokers at least one night of partying in a tobacco free environment and more importantly, bring to the attention of those in government the need for strong non-smoking policies.  Until policies change, the hope is for “smoke free” nights to be come regular occurrences.

Many cities throughout the world have become completely smoke free over the past few years, with smoking becoming almost taboo.  Although a smoke free Beirut is not something that will happen over night, believe it or not, it is a possibility for the future.


3 Responses to “A Smoke-free Gémmayze”

  1. ah that’s my dream to ban smoking permanently in closed public places… ya ret

  2. as long as they keep smokers smoking outside, I see no reason to trouble going out of people way to bother them. It’s not like we live in Canada or in France. Our weather is supportable.

  3. I hope they ban smoking permanently in all public places. As an ex smoker in Canada (where there is already a ban on smoking in public places), this initiative will definitely help smokers reduce their daily nicotine intake.

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