Influences in the Lebanese General Elections 2009


influences_in_lebanese_elections_2009Comtrax/NOW LebanonAd Diyar newspaper suggested that the electoral battle is between Aoun and the patriarch. In fact, it seems that the latter is the most active “March 14th Christian leader and tenor.” The opposition-led newspaper is framing the electoral battle on the Christian field between the General and the patriarch.

On another level, March 14th Christian leaders were not among the most covered people this week. Samir Geagea ranked 9th with 44 articles written on him, and he had the lowest weighted visibility, i.e. the number of articles related to their size, placement and graphics.

The parliamentary elections, and the themes of the country’s political parties and religious communities gained in coverage this week, but media content surrounding the first was ignited because:

– A high level of general electoral political activities such as meetings and local events took place.

– There was much buzz around conflicts between internal alliances such as the sticky situation between Aoun and Berry on one hand, and Jumblatt, the Lebanese Forces and the Kataeb on the other.

– Conflicts between alliances, such as the attacks and counter-attacks on surrounding the Telecommunication Ministry, the state budget, corruption, international relations, etc.

The most criticized leaders for this week according to NOW Lebanon, were Michel Aoun (60%, based mainly on the content of his press conferences) and Gebran Bassil (53%, based on the telecommunications issue).


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