Ziad Baroud takes one step further in reducing discrimination


baroud_ziadIn a move, furthering his more progressive position, Ziad Baroud, Interior Minister of Lebanon, announced on Wednesday that Lebanese citizens will now have the option of removing their religion from their status register, locally known as ‘Noufous’.

Citing, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Article 9 of the Lebanese Constitution, Minister Baroud is taking steps to ensure that people’s relationships with God, will no longer be the business of government. Although this move initially only removes reference to one’s religion, the aim is to remove religious law altogether, and reach a civil law which will apply to all citizens, leaving religion a personal matter.

In a country where sectarianism is so ingrained, it will be interesting to see how many Lebanese will actually take advantage of this opportunity.


6 Responses to “Ziad Baroud takes one step further in reducing discrimination”

  1. 1 Alexia

    First step….but we need more, why do we give too much place and attention to religion? It’s absurd.

  2. Why do u think that the possibility of barring the communal affiliation from the civil registry i’s an opportunity?

    Just for the record, it seems that some people’s request to have their communal affiliation barred from the Civil Registry has been accepted during the years. And some registrars have also added to the registry communal affiliation that are not recognised by the Lebanese state, mistaking communal affiliation with religious affiliation.

  3. On a woman’s right to give nationality to her children…
    Nationality is not Pandora’s Box. Finding a solution would mark a beginning for laying a foundation that will eventually allow the average citizen to find refuge in Justice. Lebanese law should follow the constitution in affording equality for every and all citizens of Lebanon. Nationality is more than a right. Lebanese mothers pour every ounce of their life into raising their children. The government may deny some of those children Nationality but they are stealing it because those children see Lebanon through the eyes of their Mother. They feel Lebanese in the deepest part of their soul.

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