Jeita Grotto as One of World’s New 7 Wonders


jeita_grotto_world_wonderThe Swiss-born Canadian filmmaker and explorer Bernard Weber has founded in July 2007 the New7Wonders foundation. It’s about the new Natural Wonders, and so far our Jeita Grotto appears in Category D, for “Caves, Rock Formations and Valleys”, of the competition. It is currently in the 13th rank in that category.

If you would like to Vote for Jeita Grotto, you’d be doing the nation a well deserved claim. The vote will continue till like 2011.


4 Responses to “Jeita Grotto as One of World’s New 7 Wonders”

  1. 1 Mary

    I went to Jeita Grotto about a month ago and it was amazing. I was just blowen away by with everything. I just loved.
    It it was magic…
    Anyone going to Lebanon needs to do themself a BIG favour and see this place. You wont be sorry.
    Photos are nothing loke the real thing.
    I have been to a lot of place around the world and Jeita Grotto is one the best place i have seen.
    It needs to become one of the wounder of the world…

  2. a beautiful….

  3. yes for sure its the best in the world i vote for it

  4. 4 brittany

    Jeita Grotto seems really cool. I like the way it looks. If i could go to Jeita Grotto i definately would.

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