The Daily Star is Back!!


Well it didn’t take long. My favorite english Lebanese daily is back and kicking.

The Daily Star is pleased to return to newsstands today after a hiatus of more than two weeks caused by a legal dispute with Standard Chartered Bank. Although this newspaper did its best to achieve a negotiated settlement, the bank insisted on using the courts as a means of applying pressure. Now that the judiciary has granted The Daily Star permission to resume publication, our management and staff are pleased to be back in the business of providing readers with a source of independent news and views.

When the Daily Star mentions Independent, I personally believe it. I don’t understand however, other news outlets to have the audacity to consider themselves independent. Nonetheless, the beginning of 2009 has brought back the long awaited liberties of freedom of expression from MTV and now temporarily disabled, the Daily Star.


4 Responses to “The Daily Star is Back!!”

  1. that’s a very good news!!! Daily star is back!!!…bassam-fattouh/

  2. I guess these coming months will be a bit tough for them. I quote from their website “Expect to see some changes in format and style over the coming weeks and months as this newspaper tries to revitalize the way it serves its customers. ”

    As a show of support, you can click on the ads that appear on their website. They will generate some revenues for them.

  3. 3 Stephanie

    Yeah, it happened over the weekend :)

  4. that was really fast.

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