French envoy touring the Middle East


philippe_mariniFrench President Nicolas Sarkozy has asked French envoy Philippe Marini to follow-up on a number of developments in the Middle East, especially those involving Lebanese-Syrian relations.

After meeting  with Prime Minister Fouad Siniora on Tuesday, Martini said, “as French people we are very committed to national unity in Lebanon, diversity and the preparations to the upcoming parliamentary elections.

We hope this country will manage to express itself freely and honestly and go on protecting its democratic institutions to safeguard its sovereignty and freedom,” he added.

He said President Nicolas Sarkozy has assigned him to discuss all topics “within the framework of the impact of a new U.S. Administration and what France can do to facilitate the peace process in the Middle East.

France looks at these issues with great importance because relations with Lebanon remain very special.”

Update: “Syria’s role has been positive,” Marini said after his visit to Damascus.

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