Israel sends Lebanon a colorful ‘Bouquet’


israel_lebanon_balloonsIsraeli air farce flew over the Hasbaya region in south Lebanon dropping a number of air balloons, one of which resembled a doll, al-Mustaqbal daily reported on Monday.
Some of the balloons had the following English words: “Sweet for you” and “I love you 2004“.  and One of the Balloons looks like Sponge Bob-square pants.

The incident drew the attention of locals who began looking for the balloons in the surrounding fields west of Kfeir village.

Lebanese army units and security forces cordoned off the area.
It was later determined that a “bouquet” of 10 air balloons were dropped.
Security forces sent for experts to inspect the balloons for any poisonous material. – Naharnet

Photo courtesy: al-Mustaqbal newspaper


3 Responses to “Israel sends Lebanon a colorful ‘Bouquet’”

  1. lol that’s some creativity from your side Lilz.

  2. 2 Liliane

    Am guessing someone israeli loved someone lebanese in 2004? and till now did the balloons reach Lebanon? but the lebanese is pissed at the israeli because he didnt send her balloons on valentine 2004? :P

  3. Sweet for you & I love you 2004 lol

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