Lebanon’s MTV is Back?



Once Lebanon’s most hyped TV channel, MTV would start broadcasting again, making a comeback after it was closed by a court order on Sept.4, 2002, during Syrian hegemony over Lebanon.

Previously, MTV targetted the specified intellectual mass, hence a comeback today for the once partly francophone channel could also raise an eye brow to a potential relaunch of the widely loved, S.L.Shi.

To non-Lebanese, MTV was like HBO for Americans.

MTV managers will hold a press conference next week to declare the network’s plans.

Our collegue at the Arab Media Review, stated on the 15th of this month:

Now that the divorce between Antoine Choueiri group and LBC Group is done, and after resolving the last political problems, our website has learned that MTV will announce next week that it will resume broadcasting. The probable date is the 23rd of January.

Touché Jihad… touché.

Update (01/02/2009) : Media Wars & the 2009 Lebanese election

Update: (07/04/2009): MTV has officially relaunched. To watch MTV and other Lebanese TV stations live, please refer to our colleague at the innercircle.


7 Responses to “Lebanon’s MTV is Back?”

  1. Attention Mr Michel El Murr
    Dear Michel
    Please accept my heartfelt condolences for the loss of your and our dear friend and ex colleague Khalil who met his death in the most cruel nd tragic way.
    We share your grief and pray the Lord to rest his soul and give you the courage to sustain the pain caused by his death and may his family find the comfort in the knowledge that all his friends share their grief
    May God bless you and his family
    George Menassa

  2. 2 Andrea

    To watch MTV and other Lebanese TV stations live, please refer to our colleague at the innercircle..



  3. If anyone is interested in watching MTV, I’m broadcasting it live from my website at http://www.rabihdagher.com/iptv

  4. 4 christian

    Hi, this is just to let you know just like Serpico said, we will be the voice of the silent majority.
    the idea of 31st march movement is smart serpico :)

  5. March 31st is the date they will resume broadcasting…. They claim they are neither March 14th nor March 8th…… Well thinking about it, why don’t we make a new movement and call it March 31st?

  6. “the educated mass”, now that’s just racist my friend
    From what i heard from some sources, the station will come back and become the defacto voice of the LF. Whatever happens, i remember watching mtv since i was a little kid, it always had the best shows, so whatever ther alliances will be, it will be nice to have it back

  7. 7 Marc Raad

    Elaph website interviewed Gabriel El Murr on the subject of the reopening of Lebanon’s MTV, Gabriel el Murr said that Qatari funds were sponsoring the channel.

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