Lebanese Newspaper in danger – The Daily Star


lebanon_the_daily_starMy favorite english newspaper is going bust. Lebanon’s only English-language newspaper, The Daily Star,  was forced by court order to shut down due to a $700,000 loan it needs to re-compensate.

The paper has since been out of print and its Web site hasn’t been updated.

The Daily Star’s founder, Jamil Mroue, comes from a long tradition of Journalism. His father, Kamel Mroue, founded the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat.

Now I’m going to have to settle for second best, english local news, such as Naharnet, or even better, Now Lebanon!


3 Responses to “Lebanese Newspaper in danger – The Daily Star”

  1. Handala,

    I have rarely, to almost never answered in my comment. I am glad you asked this question.
    The reason I choose some things I think are virtuous coming from the Hezbollah-Tayyar and some logical views from the March14.

    I’ll quote you:”if you’re gona lower your level and go to now harriri,”

    I don’t want Lebanese people like you. I am pretty sure we are from different sects, but if your comments are directed to Some Lebanese Sunnies, who happen to believe that their political inclination is the way to go, I will have to accept them. As it is also Not Easy to ask some Lebanese to fight a war, when they can, in conjunction deal with Israel diplomatically.

    I am biast to, a well defined, rippled mid-line, centrist.

  2. “founded the pan-Arab newspaper Al-Hayat.” al hayat is pan lots of things, but definitly not pan-arab.” that’s the same paper that hazim saghyeh works in.

    Well, daily stars is dead, so i guess there is a god after all. I for one am sticking with alakhbar. I would choose annaharnet net if were you. if you’re gona lower your level and go to now harriri, you might as well get ur news from memri

  3. actually mtv’s return and dailystar’s bankruptcy are linked:
    we are in a media war stage…, I explained here: http://blog.libnanews.com/frenchy/2009/01/24/etoile-filante/

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