Status: Lebanese Expatriates 2009 Elections

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my comments grayed out. A letter, entitled “Open letter to 14 March Lebanon (?) concerning June ’09 elections,” was sent on behalf of US-based representatives of the Future Movement, the Phalange Party, the Lebanese Forces (LF), the NLP and the Progressive Socialist Party (PSP). We still going with the March14-March8 thing?
I mean, I personally, harshly disagree, with many from March8, and March14 throughout what they made the Lebanese people go through. Especially, disagreeing to disagree, as opposed to, agreeing to disagree.

The letter begins with a historical account of the Lebanese diaspora, particularly the close family ties between Lebanon and the US, and it criticizes the recent electoral law which does not permit Lebanese to vote from abroad.

It is unacceptable that Lebanon continues to benefit from the financial prosperity of the diaspora without acknowledging the basic right of Lebanese living abroad to contribute to the political well-being of the country,” the letter says.

The letter also notes Lebanese expatriates’ “right and duty to participate” in the country’s democratic process, and says that Lebanese-Americans will do their “utmostto be in Lebanon for the June 7 polls.

What about Lebanese-Canadians, Lebanese-French? Lebanese-African? European-Lebanese? Lebanese-Aussies? the Lebanese living in Arab & Gulf countries, there are so many! why speak on behalf of Lebanese-Americans-only?
Those familiar, the inner circle, strongly supports Lebanese-Expatriates to vote from abroad.

The letter, also demands that the Lebanese government make arrangements to open René Mouawad’s Airport in Kleiat, in case Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport is closed prior to the polls (?, I’ll leave it there).

n.b. The majority of Arab-Americans, are Lebanese.


2 Responses to “Status: Lebanese Expatriates 2009 Elections”

  1. 1 Serpico

    On the author’s comment “why speak on behalf of Lebanese-Americans-only?”, It’s for the simple reason that they are US-based representatives. I acknowledge the fact it should concern every expatriate, but speaking on behalf of others might not always be welcomed.

  2. Leb abroad have the right to vote however if they are voting, it will have to bring them also duties.

    So we have to think about the duties?
    any answer beside investing in leb?

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