Update: Lebanese-Syrian and Lebanese-Israeli check list


Lebanese-Syrian check list:

  • Detainees: Lebanese held in Syrian Jails
  • Border: Demarcation of Lebanese-Syrian border
  • Official Shebaa farms demarcation (UN position)
  • Diplomacy: Exchange of embassies

Lebanese-Israeli check list:

  • Occupation: Shebaa farms & Kafar Shuba Hills
  • 400′000 Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
  • Lebanese Economic Zone (EEZ on Mediterranean for Natural Gas)
  • Detainees: Lebanese/Israeli exchange (POW)
  • Expropriate: Lebanese Waters by Israel (UNIFIL/FINUL)
  • Border Crossings & Overflights

Also in news today, the 43rd president of the United States, G. W. Bush made his farewell news conference. I encourage you to watch it. It’s split in 17 youtubes.


One Response to “Update: Lebanese-Syrian and Lebanese-Israeli check list”

  1. Bush seemed really defeated, much like Nixon at the end.

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