Al Jazeera English – Is doing a Hell of a Job, Chapeau


If interested in the current news, I recommend following the War on Gaza on Al-Jazeera English. Though, the inner circle has seldom criticized and wagged the finger at Al Jazeera (Arabic Edition) concerning local Lebanese news, the covering of the current War on Gaza by the English edition is thoroughly dissected, and well covered (especially for a country where Israel forbade journalists to enter).

Watch it now if you don’t have it yet, over cable.

CNN is generally fair and entertaining, until Wolf gets front screen and it’s obvious he’s leaning backward to appear straight; And as for the BBC, just told it plain, how English of them.


One Response to “Al Jazeera English – Is doing a Hell of a Job, Chapeau”

  1. 1 stiras1

    Here here!!!! I love Al Jazeera. I trust their news. They don’t side like other channels they show the real thing. Not what would look good for their side. Oh and pluss they have a cool logo!

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