U.S. tells Israel: Don’t sell Lebanon for peace with Syria


Merry Christmas.

Hope Beyrouth was full of the festive spirit this week. One news might have slipped the mass local media during the holliday which was well intended left unnoticed.

diplomats_Before the New Year, you probably ought to know that a Senior U.S. State Department official sent concerned messages to their Israeli counterparts in recent months regarding the negative effects an Israel-Syria peace deal could have on Lebanese sovereignty. 

Don’t sell Lebanon to the Syrians,” American officials reportedly wrote.

The diplomatic messages asked Israel to remain committed to Lebanese sovereignty at all costs, stating “Israel must not sacrifice Lebanon for the sake of peace with Syria.” A senior Foreign Ministry official said the U.S. even asked Israel for “guarantees” on the matter.

However, a source in the Prime Minister’s Office said Tuesday “the matter is not even on the table.

Hale reportedly responded undiplomatically, saying, “Withdrawal from Ghajar is something you must do. You are not doing this for us, but implementing the demarcation of the Blue Line [Israel-Lebanon border], so don’t try to use this to get points or sympathy from the United States.”  

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    I do hope so that everything will be alright..

    Please let me share something i got from a friend of mine. here is the link:

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