Wishing you All, a Merry Christmas



On my behalf Jester,  Naar and Bouffon, would like to wish you a Joyful & Merry Christmas.

As usual, expats have been flooding in to Lebanon,  in an overmass of Lebanese from Canada, Dubai, France, Australia and throughout the world!

All Lebanese are joyful to join their families for the festive season.
As for me, I’ll be traveling to Montréal early tomorrow. The closest to Lebanon I can get on this continent. Have a blast y’all!

6 Responses to “Wishing you All, a Merry Christmas”

  1. MC back at you :)

  2. 2 Mark J

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Happy Christmas :)

  4. Best wishes of Joy to you all .

  5. 5 Rami Bathish

    Merry Christmas!!

  6. 6 Thilda

    Merry Christmas Jester,

    we’ve passed through a long but good year. Next year will certainly be in the hands of the People, as they cast they’re vote.

    I’ll be going on the other hand to ‘Beyrouth’ :p
    Happy New Years all!!

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