Heard of the Bernie Madoff?


Sure you have. It’s the Worlds Largest Fraud, by One Man. A ponzi scheme.

Well here’s the inside scoop from the Wall Street Folly:

  • FBI diverts anti-terror agents to Bernard Madoff $50 billion swindle
  • Hedge Funds Concede Oversight Inevitability in Wake of Madoff
  • Jewish leaders bracing for Madoff fallout,
  • Jewish leaders expect anti-Semitic backlash
  • Shana Madoff’s Ties to Uncle Probed
  • Madoff had ‘perceived edge’ in the markets
  • Backing Madoff dents Santander’s shining financial reputation

An interesting comment found on the internet:

We present Wall Street scam artists Bernie Madoff and Marc Dreier, Sam Israel, as well as the potty mouthed delusional and ethically challenged Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

More about Madoff and  the Madoff Scam.
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