Moving Art, underground

Why the Ministry of Culture should step in and put this image back in an art gallery.

asad_artby Alice Fordham

An official from Solidere, the Lebanese real estate company, told AFP that the company had sought to avoid any political or religious controversy.

“Politics and religion are two very sensitive issues that we don’t want to undermine,” Joumana Naquib said.

But, according to Sayegh, there had been no complaints about the exhibit from either the Shia or the Christian communities.

Fear, said Sayegh, “is the worst kind of censorship. It’s just something we must face and handle.”

Solidere’s (self-)censorship was not limited to the picture featuring Nasrallah and Jesus Christ either.

“They started by taking down the two images of the American-Israeli playground, and then continued to take down more. In all, they took down nine photos,” said Sayegh, pointing to the empty spaces on the walls.cross_nasrallah_barbie

Some of the censored pictures were “French Can Can in Baghdad,” which shows naked Barbies wrapped in Iraqi currency with the image of former dictator Saddam Hussein on their foreheads; and “Arab Christ,” which depicts a Christ figure wearing Arab headdress.

Naseygh said that although “something was expected” due to the controversial nature of the photos, no one was expecting outright censorship.

Part I.


One Response to “Moving Art, underground”

  1. 1 Natasha

    what is so artistic about naked barbies….other than being a form of shock “art” it hasn’t really stimulated us intellectually….and what is with the crosses?!? you want to have your freedom of speech? fear is the worst form of censorship? instead of crosses would you have had the courage to use crescents? or mohammed instead of jesus? or are you afraid of censorship? either respect other beliefs, or if you want to stimulate the human mind with naked barbies and religious symbols…do it all the way without hypocrisy….

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