Has the table turn on Israel?


There is the historic, nostalgic and long battle with the Palestinians, the prudent peace deals with Jordan and Egypt, the nuissance of the growing force of Hezbollah, the constant nag of Syria, the anguish of Islamic dislike for the State of Israel, seen as, implanted in what was once called, Palestine.

… A few hours ago, CNN displayed to the world’s eyes a carefully, well-planned hostage of the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai, a city considered as the financial hub of India and world famous Bollywood, thereafter, the hostag took over a Jewish Center.

India is predominantly Hindu, after the breakup of Muslims and Hindus in 1947 under the eyes of Great Britain, Pakistan was founded. Pakistans full official name is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as appose to Hindu-India. This arrachement of what was the worlds richest and most profound culture, to cantons of sect, each beleiving they Should beleive in their respective religions has stumbled today to what the media is proclaiming, world terror.


The Islamic World, spreads from Morroco, all the way to Indonesia. Throughout that region, many have protested and showed openely their dislike to Israel.

The current economic crisis and the U.S. administrations fuel to Israel with weapons and support, is that the U.S. does not truly protect Israel, the U.S. has Interests in Israel. It is an American Bastion in the Middle East. The U.S. will, as it has always done, flood Israel with highly advanced weapons which always gives validity to its enemies to use the same violent means.

It has been granted by the world view, that Israel has the right to cooperate with any nation to protect the interests and lives of Jews worldwide, and it seems the Government of India has agreed to let an Israeli team to enter Mumbai to rescue Jewish Indians, and few Israelis.

Then again, if any in-group was in the shoes of Israelis today, would very-probably do whats best to their intentions, if they are malicious or not, are regarded as self-defence.


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