Khedé Kasra – Empowering Women


Empowering Lebanese WomenLeo Burnett Beirut is working on theKhedé Kasra’ campaign which you might have already come across on the streets or on TV.
In case you don’t know it yet, the agency has put together a campaign to empower Lebanese women, to more actively participate in society and take on a bigger social and political role.

The Hariri Foundation is implementingThe women’s empowerment Program’ funded by the World Bank through the Council of Development and Reconstruction. All efforts are to raise awareness on women’s status and rights in Lebanon, incorporating gender equality in the social culture and behavioral trends, improving the media’s understanding and representation of women’s issues, and finally empowering women legally and thus socially.

You might enjoy further exploring the campaign through some of these links: TV Ad1, TV Ad2, TV Ad3 and a Radio Ad, and the Facebook group.


2 Responses to “Khedé Kasra – Empowering Women”

  1. We all have biast opinions on minorities etc…

    But even if we are aware at a time, theses biasts vision are coming back. This is the result of psychological studies conducted by the Harvard Psyc school and a program.

    Google Project implicit :)

    there are keys to prolong the awareness but it not such campaigns that are working out in such case.

  2. 2 ano

    Nice campaign, raising awareness is important, but without follow up action it is useless. let’s hope for the best.

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