We ♥ San Francisco


The People of Love, Hippy Movemement, San FranciscansThe San Francisco LoveFest, named after the similar one of Berlin, occurs every year in San Francisco, California.

Lebanese have had their share of raves, but I’m not too sure of this kind of magnitude, or social norm (?). You can truly feel the love flowing among the people of San Francisco, home to the Hippy Movement, and inventors of Blue Jeans. Californians known for being health freaks, nature lovers, and historically anti-war loving people. This parade nails it on the head. It is a distinct entity than any of the other cities in North America.

P.S. Internationally, spin-off Love Parades have occurred in Tel Aviv, Mexico City, Acapulco, Vienna, Cape Town, San Francisco, Leeds, Sydney, Santiago, Caracas, Rio de Janeiro, Budapest.


One Response to “We ♥ San Francisco”

  1. 1 ZIG

    lol it’ just a bunch of high ppl dancing

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