Lichtenberg – Natural Patterns



Lichtenberg figures are a sort of concrete, 3D model of a fractal tree. They are formed by hitting a block of clear acrylic with about 5 million volts of electricity. As the electrons blast their way through the material they leave a trail.

And as they move, they try to avoid each other, forming smaller and finer, non-overlapping paths. The branching is said to go down to a molecular level.

( video )

And you prove to me the world is not organic (eastern philosophy), as oppose to mechanic (Judaism, Christianity & Islam)*.

When asked ‘what time is?’; St. Thomas Aquinas replied, ‘I know what time is, but when you ask me, I don’t’.

You see, we know, and distinguish natural pattern, as in the image above (we call them fractals) all the while not knowing how we know. It is Orderly, yet Not Orderly and it is not random. And… we humans, being brought up in a world where such patterns are recognizable and acquired just by the fact we exist in this same universe, has more to it than meets the ear. The cow knows you understand that squeaking is painful when she’s being slaughtered, it knows we’re both made in the same place by the same things, cause there are things much more ‘real’ than words – and yet we all understand it.

The Taoist answer to the riddle above, is “yes, we do recognize it**, but when you ask us how, we don’t”.

There are things words are very clumsy in explaining.

* Jesus was a carpenter. The old testament explains that the world was made! This is also agreed on by Muslims. The world was made. And someone (God) knows how it was made since it** did it.
** the famous it in it is raining

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