Israel says a massive influx of Palestinians would destroy the country’s Jewish character.


This title was quoted by Israelis…

Well, it should not be difficult for any Israeli then to understand that forcing 400’000 Palestinian Refugees on Lebanese soil, as a serious threat to Lebanon’s diverse, delicate and balanced character.

Especially for a scarce area where Christians live, Incidentally, Jesus was born and preached about two hours south of Beyrouth; And we are pretty sure, the Lord preached to the people of what is modern day Lebanon.

To add, Lebanon is by far the most liberal of Sunni Muslims in the middle east and have the most organized and lethal people to Israel by some of the Shiite community. In my opinion, Lebanese Muslims are the most refined and educated of the Arab-Muslim world.

Forgive my bluntness, I had to blog about this today because of an article that appeared on msnbc, titled ‘Israel considering the Saudi peace plan’ of 1967 to finally resolve 61 years of conflict between Arabs and Israel.

So this is my answer to that post and to Israelis. If you’d like to solve it, in all honesty. Israel should carry the burden of solving the Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon, any way you twist it or revise history, Israel should take responsibility of her actions. How will neighbors live side-by-side if there is no mutual respect?

No one would be happier to see peace between us, than I.

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