I am ‘I’, because You are ‘You’.


The Lebanese inner circle would like to endorse an odd but very necessary blog I stumbled upon.

I’ve read well into his blog, and I wasn’t sure if he was jocking. Truly, he has seen through the differences of Yin and Yan, and realising that white people wouldn’t know what they were if it weren’t for black people, Asians, Hispanics, of India (Pakistan), Persians, Middle Easterners, Mediterraneans, Europeans, North Africans, South Africans, and American Native Indians, and the whole spectrum of mixture in between and through this Stuff White People Like blog, stands out the White race living in North America. Though I don’t know where he draws the line with his definition of White race?

hehehe, but either case, this is a crutial idea (and movement) of realising that diversity as the spice of life. The Canadians are hung up on Language and their choice of identity is through Language (French/English), we in Lebanon, Religion is our distinction (Christians/Muslims), the USA it’s Race, everywhere you go, people need to feel they belong to a community.

It is the fabric of our society, it is normal, and encouraged.

So I say, as I have always said (here), (here), (here), and (here), that I encourage Lebanese Christians, Muslims, Druze & Sikhs to keep their identity and stand out, and be different and be vocal  in the Middle East, all the while not taking it too seriously, and the need of ‘Others’ is AS crutial for our existance and identity.


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