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Don’t Vote!


You gotta love Americans, the worlds masters of entertainment, Americans are encouraging ‘America’ to Choose. As a foreigner, you ought to be awed. At least they teach people what to do. 

Renowned mathematician Sir Michael Francis Atiyah touted the practical benefits of his field during a lecture at the American University of Beirut (AUB) on Monday, arguing that it is more useful than philosophy in terms of explaining the relationship between the external world and the human mind. Atiyah made the remarks during a talk titled […]

The San Francisco LoveFest, named after the similar one of Berlin, occurs every year in San Francisco, California. Lebanese have had their share of raves, but I’m not too sure of this kind of magnitude, or social norm (?). You can truly feel the love flowing among the people of San Francisco, home to the […]

the video TOKYO, Japan – A 43-year-old Japanese woman whose sudden divorce in a virtual game world made her so angry that she killed her online husband’s avatar has been arrested on suspicion of hacking, police said Thursday. an Avatar is a Hindu term for the incarnation of a higher being.

Lichtenberg figures are a sort of concrete, 3D model of a fractal tree. They are formed by hitting a block of clear acrylic with about 5 million volts of electricity. As the electrons blast their way through the material they leave a trail. And as they move, they try to avoid each other, forming smaller […]

BEIRUT (AFP) – Something of a revolution is taking place on Lebanon’s notoriously dangerous roads. Drivers are beginning to stop at red lights, to wear seat belts and no longer have their cell phones glued to their ears. All thanks to a crackdown ordered by the country’s new no-holds-barred Interior Minister Ziad Baroud who has […]

It was once known as one of the most dangerous cities on earth, with the mere mention of its name conjuring up images of civil war, kidnap and destruction. But Beirut’s revival as one of the world’s most vibrant cities has been confirmed by the travel guidebook company Lonely Planet, who have named it one […]

Tayyar Leader, General Michel Aoun told the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat in comments published on Monday that Damascus is considering appointing a Christian as ambassador to Beirut. The report said possible candidates include Syria’s current ambassador to Spain, former Minister of Transportation Makram Obeid. Another candidate is the editor in chief of the ruling Baath Party’s […]

This title was quoted by Israelis… Well, it should not be difficult for any Israeli then to understand that forcing 400’000 Palestinian Refugees on Lebanese soil, as a serious threat to Lebanon’s diverse, delicate and balanced character. Especially for a scarce area where Christians live, Incidentally, Jesus was born and preached about two hours south […]

« Nous voulons aujourd’hui relancer et repositionner le restaurant français Méditerranée », explique Alain Chatel, Directeur Général du Mövenpick, en poste depuis un mois. C’est dans cette optique, et à l’occasion du 60e anniversaire de Mövenpick Hotel & Resort, qu’un grand déjeuner a été organisé le 15 octobre dans ce restaurant, dans une atmosphère aussi […]

The Lebanese inner circle would like to endorse an odd but very necessary blog I stumbled upon. I’ve read well into his blog, and I wasn’t sure if he was jocking. Truly, he has seen through the differences of Yin and Yan, and realising that white people wouldn’t know what they were if it weren’t […]

Two days ago, the New York Post published a news article about Reverend Jesse Jacksons’ speech in France, stating that there will be “fundamental changes” in US foreign policy – saying America must “heal wounds” it has caused to other nations, revive its alliances and apologize for the “arrogance of the Bush administration.” The most […]

France24 La Syrie et le Liban ont établi des relations diplomatiques mercredi pour la première fois depuis la proclamation de leur indépendance il y a plus de 60 ans, un premier pas vers la normalisation de leurs rapports marqués par une longue tutelle syrienne sur son petit voisin. Le ministre syrien des Affaires étrangères Walid […]

Cela faisait trois ans qu’on l’attendait : après l’annulation des éditions 2006 et 2007 pour cause d’instabilité politique et sécuritaire, la 15e édition du salon du Livre francophone de Beyrouth se tiendra du 24 octobre au 2 novembre au BIEL. Une édition fidèle à l’esprit de cette manifestation à l’origine créée en 1992 par l’ambassade […]

« Une réussite extraordinaire » : c’est ainsi que Michel de Chadarevian, Coordinateur national des Jeux de la Francophonie, qualifie le lancement officiel, ce week-end, des préparatifs de la 6e éditions de ces jeux culturels et sportifs, organisés à Beyrouth du 27 septembre au 6 octobre 2009. Il revient avec nous sur ce coup d’envoi, […]