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LDN’s Consultant & Associate Director of the Lebanese Emigration Research Center (LERC) Hourani to NOW Lebanon: What does Lebanon’s high emigration rate mean for the country? Guita G. Hourani is the associate director of the Lebanese Emigration Research Center at Notre Dame University in Zouk and a member of the university’s Research Board. She has […]

   Projection du documentaire  “Souha Bechara, survivre à l’enfer” suivie d’une discussion avec Souha Bechara Vendredi 12 septembre – 21h Cinéma Les 3 Luxembourg 67 rue Monsieur le Prince 75006 Paris Métro : Odéon  / RER B : Luxembourg PAF: 5 EUR

A new browser entered the market yesterday; If you are using Internet Explorer, you are way behind; at least to any Firefox (or Safari) user. Not to feel embarrassed or anything, but the new Google Chrome browser, I have to admit, after thorough tests, came out really lightweight, and runs 1/3 of the memory of […]

An imam was killed yesterday & five people wounded. The shooting erupted between Sunnis and Alawites (whose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is a follower of the faith) in the village of Sheikhlar in the Northern region of Akkar. The village lies about 50 kilometers north of Tripoli, the scene of a recent spate of deadly […]