U.S. analyst praises Hezbollah as example for Georgia to follow


This came as a shock frankly, more so to any Israeli. Yesterday, a defense analyst, who advises American ground forces, said to rebuild the Georgian military along conventional lines might be the wrong approach. Instead he suggested a different force model, that of Hezbollah. What Hezbollah did so effectively, as was shown in the 2006 Lebanon war, was combine modern weaponry with a distributed infantry force that fought in guerrilla fashion. Fighting as distributed networks, Hezbollah rarely presented an inviting target for Israeli air and artillery attack, but their well trained tactical units were able to swarm at the point of attack of Israeli armored incursions and hit the Israelis hard with precision anti-tank weaponry.

image: Israeli Merkava tank

One Response to “U.S. analyst praises Hezbollah as example for Georgia to follow”

  1. 1 Antonio Munoz

    I think that we should not forget that we can learn from our enemies. To chastise the analyst is ludicrous and counter-productive. The truth is that the Georgian military cannot stand up to the Russian army. Guerrilla style tactics with modern weaponry sounds like the best way to deal with Russian aggression. The Taliban did well against the Soviet Army once they combined guerrilla tactics with CIA supplied Stinger missiles, didn’t they? It won the war for them. What better example than that?

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