Israel – Third Best Place to Invest in Start-Ups


In the field of Information Technology and Bio Tech, Silicon Valley (South San Francisco) ranks as the best place for Venture Capitalists to invest in, home to ex-garage startups like Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, eBay, Salesforce, IBM, Apple, HP, VMware… etc and home to Standford University and UC Berkeley (campus which founded the Hippie movement);

While Boston (Cambridge) comes in at second spot, hosting supperb universities such as MIT and Harvard, and start-ups such as Akamai, and a whole breed of Software as a Service start-ups;

Shockingly, Tel-Aviv, Israel came in, in third place. Yep, Israel, our neighbor to the south, the 60 year old nation, has climbed the list to be placed third best place to invest in for start-ups (rating largely depends on return on investments – ROI). So hell yeah, you must give credit where credit is due.

So there you have it, Israel – Due to it’s massive Research and Development funding (mostly for military purposes), Israel is not a country to reckon with lightly.

n.b. Israel has the most PhD graduates per capita in the world.


3 Responses to “Israel – Third Best Place to Invest in Start-Ups”

  1. Frenchy is right, along with reconstruction, the government priority should have been the development of light & hight tech industries as well as agriculture in order to stop the brain drain and attract expats…

  2. hello

    do u have a pb with the template of your blog?


    u re right about the israely investment in high tech, most of them are based on military research even in medecine (special “glue” etc…)
    however lebanon was having the chance to compete on a more pacific way, lebanon was owning one of the biggest chip manufacture in the early 1970 for ex but we lost everything and as well the stupid economical policy based only on tourism and not on industry and services are sinking us now. We have to have an equilibrated growth, basing ourselves only on tourism in a such unstable region is non understable. this is one of the most biggest mistake the former PM Rafic Hariri and his comrade Saniora made in the 1990 and 2000.

  3. 3 Abou Ali

    Funny isn’t it? While we are wasting our time fighting and killing each others, the “ennemy” is much more intelligent… He is investing in HT…..

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