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On Thursday, Lebanese President Michel Sleiman met with US President George W. Bush and other US officials. Sleiman also delivered a speech before the UN General Assembly earlier this week. The Lebanese president told his fellow citizens that Lebanese emigrants should defend their country’s cause and do their best to serve their nation. Sleiman said that […]

You may have noticed my slack in posting. Many changes in my personal and professional life and yet another major relocation. The news that grabbed my attention today in passing, was the incentive package by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Offered as an aid package of $44 Million to cover tuition fees and books for […]

This came as a shock frankly, more so to any Israeli. Yesterday, a defense analyst, who advises American ground forces, said to rebuild the Georgian military along conventional lines might be the wrong approach. Instead he suggested a different force model, that of Hezbollah. What Hezbollah did so effectively, as was shown in the 2006 […]

In the field of Information Technology and Bio Tech, Silicon Valley (South San Francisco) ranks as the best place for Venture Capitalists to invest in, home to ex-garage startups like Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, eBay, Salesforce, IBM, Apple, HP, VMware… etc and home to Standford University and UC Berkeley (campus which founded the Hippie movement); While […]

Sarmad Albert Rihani was recently elected governor in the Structural Engineering Institute in the US out of 11 governors who compose this council. This body of professional governors suggests legal federal projects that are discussed and issued by the US Congress. The Professional Engineering Committee of the institute held its first annual conference, chaired by […]

Lebanese are not allowed to vote from abroad. The memo. The Administration and Justice Parliamentary committee on Monday urged Lebanese citizens living abroad to register with the respective Lebanese embassies so that their names would be included in the voters’ lists for the 2009 elections. Committee Chairman Robert Ghanem told reporters Lebanese diplomatic missions would […]



We in the rest of the world, put spaces after our commas. I don’t know about you, I’ve certainly seen people count differently, but in most I’ve seen in Lebanon count the first way.