Protest unites opposites


*sigh* – Back to the land of the free, and home of the brave; It’s hard not to notice that part of Lebanon still lingers in my mind, the distant beat of Lebanese nightlife, girls dancing on tables, friends from all over the world meeting every year in the city that made us. Well, it’s till Christmas for me.

I had a good giggle today morning reading the Daily Star when I noticed a headline about some protest going on in the Metn for the fourth day. It seems to be the result of a decision to resume installation of high-voltage power lines above residential areas and educational edifices.

The Lebanese Forces, the Free Patriotic Movement and the Kataeb stood in the protest with the residents of the area… in order to get votes. Yes, votes!

The protesters on the other hand said that the Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR) has been installing the wires between five Catholic schools in Mansourieh-Ain Najem, affecting 13,000 students and 200 private homes.


2 Responses to “Protest unites opposites”

  1. 1 frenchy

    Welcome back online dude, so were they waiting u to leave to start their manifestation ?

  2. The best part was Abillama and Kenaan whispering and smiling in front of the cameras. I guess that now we (Christians) can finally sleep soundly for the CDR has reunited us.
    What a joke !
    N.B: Hope you enjoyed your time in the motherland.

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