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At a conference of Mediterranean countries in Paris, Presidents Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Michel Suleiman of Lebanon agreed to open embassies in each other’s capital and to delineate the border between the two countries. Mr. Muallem met on Monday with Mr. Suleiman and invited him to visit Damascus. The visit would be the first […]

Wadi Abu Jmil is loosing it’s identity. Once home to Lebanese Jews, today it is under threat of loosing one of Lebanon’s oldest identity, Judaism. Though it pleases me to post, that Lebanese Expatriates are helping to fund and renovate the ancient Magen Abraham synagogue in the heart of the Lebanese capital, one of the […]

Soundtrack: Goran Bregovic – Fanfare Ciocãrlia (Asfalt Tango)

The number of real-estate sales operations in Lebanon in the first five months of 2008, rose by 19.4 percent (1/5th) compared to the same period of 2007. This was coupled with a significant rise in property taxes receipts of 55.2 percent to reach LL204.7 billion. The Lebanese ministry of Finance said in a statement the […]

Naharnet is allowing every Lebanese citizen to talk directly to the president without intermediaries. By commenting or posting questions on their site. I am not sure how people will get a response, but it’s a great idea!

As stated in a previous post Lebanon, the ‘only country’ to regain all its detainees from Israeli Jails, has finally been conducted. The recent months following the Doha agreement, Lebanon has witnessed immense challenges and benefits; The removing of an 18 month protest in the heart of Centre-Ville to the election of a President, and the […]

An independent firm, the International Crisis Group (ICG) published yesterday an in depth and balanced report on the current situation on the Christians in Lebanon. It’s a good read. Not your usual know it information. It had many information and historical background on each of the major Christian movements as they re-emerged in 2005, and […]