The War of 33


When it comes to wars, not all are reported the same way, why is that? Well the answers are many and varied, if the US has no direct involvement, the conventional media prefers to focus on matters that directly effect the US, and US interests. While one cannot fault the news organizations for reporting on what sells ad’s, it does mean that huge swathes of news go virtually unreported.

When Israel went on the offensive against Lebanon in 2006, yes you read that correctly, it was only two years ago, it received at best a quick mention on the news, sandwiched between the Teen Miss USA Pageant and the weekend weather outlook.

The War of 33 sets the record straight. It is an intimate, personal and powerful telling of the story of the 2006 war in Lebanon, war that most of us were unaware was actually happening.


One Response to “The War of 33”

  1. 1 Dave

    wow it has been that long since lebanon?

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