Naharnet’s: Ask the president


Naharnet is allowing every Lebanese citizen to talk directly to the president without intermediaries. By commenting or posting questions on their site. I am not sure how people will get a response, but it’s a great idea!


One Response to “Naharnet’s: Ask the president”

  1. 1 Shunkleash

    LOL! Sho intou majnooooon? he is the president for gods sake! You think he has time for the “people”? The “people” are not important NO! he has to meet with the brotherlies and sisterlies and present his “arab” credentials to dictators. He also has to meet with the representatives of the pride of lebanon and validate their bringing destruction on the country in 2006 and their attemtped coup detat by welcoming with open arms a convicted terrorist child killer as something the lebanese should be proud of.

    oh Yeah, come to think of it…i have stuff to ask SLIMY so THANKS BUNCHES An Nahar and thanks Mr Tueni. Your son will be proud of you.

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