Lebanon officially closes File of detainees with Israel


As stated in a previous post Lebanon, the ‘only country’ to regain all its detainees from Israeli Jails, has finally been conducted. The recent months following the Doha agreement, Lebanon has witnessed immense challenges and benefits; The removing of an 18 month protest in the heart of Centre-Ville to the election of a President, and the formation of a government cabinet to setting diplomatic relations with Syria, thanks to France, by opening an exchange of embassies for the first time between the two ‘sovereign’ nations yet to come.

Socially, for the current times we’re in, Lebanese are enjoying the summer season with their highly active social events from festivals and outings.

President Sleiman stated yesterday that “Lebanon is now back on the global map“, this may all seem fast, but this blogger feels the best is yet to come.

The following obstacles still remain on two fronts:

Lebanese-Syrian check list:

  • Detainees: Lebanese prisoners of war jailed in Syria
  • Border: Demarcation of Lebanese-Syrian border
  • Official Shebaa farms demarcation (UN position)
  • Diplomacy: Embassy exchange

Israeli-Lebanese check list:

  • Occupation: Shebaa farms & Kafar Shuba Hills
  • 400’000 Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
  • Detainees: Lebanese/Israeli POW exchange
  • Expropriate: Lebanese Waters by Israel (UNIFIL/FINUL)
  • Border Crossings & Overflights

6 Responses to “Lebanon officially closes File of detainees with Israel”

  1. Solomon2, you make a good point. I am not sure how this love triangle will be placed on who’s check list tasks. I’ll update to place it as a file in both arenas.

  2. MO, Israel did not attack Lebanon between 1948 and 1967, why? because the Palestinians were not armed yet. On the other hand, what I meant by the drawing of the border with Syria being meaningless is that I don’t think that it would prevent Syrian incursions and smuggling of weapons. Most of all, I don’t want to live under Wilayat Al Fakih or a Baasist totalitarian regime or a Wahabi theocracy or a Christian dominated Lebanon. I am Lebanese, that mean I identify myself with all the Lebanese communities. and I am sad to see that the Shiaa community is committing the same mistakes as the Maronite and Sunni communities: trying to impose its will on the other Lebanese communities.

  3. The U.N. says Shebaa is a Lebanese-Syrian matter, not a Lebanese-Israeli one, and has given Israel a certificate attesting to this.

  4. 4 mo

    Expropriate: Lebanese Waters by Israel crossed out? All it takes is another of the major water sources to collapse or become too polluted for the Litani project to be back on. And I wouldn’t rush into believing that there won’t be anymore cross border incursions. If Israel wants a fight, it will try to goad the Resistance any which way.

    Kheireddine, if you are naive enough to think that Israel will stop hassling if and when the arms are gone then I pray you never find out how wrong you are. Israel violated Lebanese soverignty long before there was such a thing as the Resistance. Also if a border is meaningless then what do you want exactly? A wall?

  5. 5 Tfeh!

    President Suleiman can lick my you know what. “Lebanon is back on the global map” on the map of terror states that is, after the reception our government gave Kuntar and co. Funny how he failed in his speech to mention those rotting in Syrian jails.

  6. Israeli-Lebanese check list:

    Shebaa Farms & Kafar Shuba Hills: maybe under UN control.
    400′000 Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon: never.
    Overflight will continue as long as Hezbollah is armed.

    Lebanese-Syrian check list:

    Detainees: Lebanese prisoners of war jailed in Syria: half of them must be dead now, the rest maybe.
    Border: Demarcation of Lebanese-Syrian border: possible, but meaningless as smugling would probably continue as well as Syrian incursions.
    Diplomacy: Embassy exchange: probably, then the Syrian ambassador will interfer in Lebanese politics.

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