Lebanon 2008: Summer Officially kicks in


Government & Politics

The economy is flourishing, we have a president after 18 months of stalemate, we just got a cabinet in parliamwent, and the government is able to do its job now, so it can leave us, the people, alone.


As this blog always mentioned, we were always fine, it was the politicians that ruined it for us. Well it has been settled, Lebanese Expatriates are flooding in like madness. The apparent overload of people is obvious to any local. As for us expats, its practically impossible to find space for a single seat on MEA, Air France, British Airways, Alitalia, Olympic and even Czech Airlines (!)… I’ve tried first hand to change my ticket and it is impossible, to get in or out as its all fully booked! So if you’re thinking of changing your ticket… or purchasing one, think again, and Good Luck. It is usual for overbooking in Lebanon.

As for Lebanese Expats from the East, our writers of the inner circle coming in from the Gulf are finding it slightly better, but even then, they say you need connections with the travel agents.

Social nightlife

Which gets me to my topic of this post. The nightlife is wild and vibrant as ever. Everybody expects this summer to be the peak since 2004 ~ 2005. With all the after hours and after after hours that are publicly known, and unpublicized tucked in undergrounds, I have one request to you all, try not to make it too obvious the next morning. This video cracks me up! Lets’ try and avoid being so obviously apparent!


One Response to “Lebanon 2008: Summer Officially kicks in”

  1. 1 smk

    on the topic of finding a seat on a flight in & out – try Malev! After searching every possible route I thought imaginable, I came across the Malev option. Better still – they have an insanely discounted business class option for certain travel days!

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