Lebanese school opens in Canada’s Ottawa


Maronite Antonine Sisters, in Ottawa. Lebanese CommunityNothing pleases me more than to announce today that Lebanese-Canadians made history in July, by consecrating a full-time educational institution in the heart of Canada’s capital, which is a major milestone for the community. The school is called the Providence Academy and is run by the Antonine Sisters, a Maronite Catholic order that originates in Lebanon.

The school accepts girls and boys, offering classes from kindergarten to grade 8 and progressing over the years to add classes up to the secondary level (grade 13). The academic program is trilingual: French and English are taught as a first language and Arabic (or another international language) as a second language. The academy offers a trilingual program developed in accordance with the Ministry of Education in the province of Ontario.

The opening ceremony was attended by Massoud Maalouf, Lebanon’s ambassador to Canada.


5 Responses to “Lebanese school opens in Canada’s Ottawa”

  1. 1 baha

    I love school from canada

  2. Now we just need one in the Niagara Region!

  3. 3 1102, 180 Lees

    Good good, another reason to go back!

  4. 4 skraekja

    Congratulations! :)

  1. 1 Consolidated Credit

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