Lebanon, the ‘only country’ to regain all its detainees from Israeli Jails


Sayyed Nasrallah went on TV today, to broadcast a press conference regarding the latest news on the Lebanese detainees in Israel and the swap deal between the two.

I expect that in a week or two it will be implemented. July 15 is the most probable, a bit before or a bit after,” … “If I specify a date, the Israelis will only change it

This is an immense leap for Lebanon, as Lebanese from all sects and political camps lauded Hezbollah’s achievement in the swap deal, making Lebanon the only country to regain all its detainees from Israel. This blog should note, there still remain Lebanese detained in the most harsh Syrian jails. Sayyed Nasrallah went on for a good portion of his speech to ask Lebanese not to celebrate by shooting in the air.

Israeli-Lebanese Check List:

  • Occupation: Shebaa Farms & Kafar Shuba Hills
  • Detainees: Lebanese/Israeli POW exchange (soon to be conducted)
  • Expropriate: Lebanese Waters by Israel (UNIFIL/FINUL)
  • Border Crossings & Overflights
  • Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

You’ll figure out how to watch the other parts.


5 Responses to “Lebanon, the ‘only country’ to regain all its detainees from Israeli Jails”

  1. 1 Moussa

    It is good to celebrate freedom and justice. I don’t know what is just in Kantar’s case and I’m not sure if he served his sentence for whatever crimes he committed. It is a bit of a scandal though. What about the Lebanese detainees in Syrian jails? What’s wrong with you people? There are dozens (some believe more than a 100) Lebanese prisoners in Syrian jails illegally detained for no crimes committed and are being tortured. They are mainly political prisoners and activists who spoke openly against the Syrian meddling in Lebanese affairs. So why don’t we work as hard on getting them back and celebrate their lives and freedom? This whole “leap for Lebanon” is confusing for me because I really don’t think we’ve achieved anything that we should be proud of. Swapping prisoners and bodies of dead people for political reasons and political points is nothing I would be proud of. I’d be proud and would celebrate heroic achievement when freedom is given to innocent people who are illegally detained in Syrian jails. Then, I’d feel I’d contributed to Lebanon, to the families of the detainees who have been protesting in front of UN building for 3 years and to humanity in general. Then I’d write it down in history books. Congratulations for Samir Kanatar, all the freed prisoners and their families. Let’s keep going and do the same for the families of the detainees in Syrian Jails. You can do it Mr. Nassrallah. You can do it. I hope you have the will.

  2. 2 Sarah

    Reply to Kyle:
    I agree with you..killing a child is horrible act. But here’s a question, what about all the other children that Israel killed and continues to kill – without mercy? Who is their hero?
    Please, I am not saying that Samir Kuntar is a hero…I’m just saying nothing is ever what it seems, and there’s always another point of view – so don’t be too eager to judge

  3. 3 Kyle

    Well, enjoy the babykiller Kuntar. Any civilized country wouldn’t want a scumbag like him back but apparently Lebanon does.

  4. How about detainees in Syrian jails!

  1. 1 Global Voices Online » Lebanon: Return of Prisoners - Part 2

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