LDN – Survey of Lebanese Public Opinion


The Lebanese Development Network released a survey of public opinion today, in brief, the question asks:

Which political party best represents your point of view? (Download full study)

Lebanese Christians
Lebanese Shiaa
Lebanese Sunni







Lebanese Druze






2 Responses to “LDN – Survey of Lebanese Public Opinion”

  1. 1 Andre

    The most compelling stat between Dec. 06 and April 08 is the drop of support to Hizb from the shia public opinion from 65% to 40% which sounds very promising! Let’s hope that if these figures are scientific, this downward trend will continue! Only the shia community can rein in Hizbullah’s behavior in Lebanon…maybe that’s why hizb leaders are starting to mend some fences judging from hassouna’s conciliatory speech as of late!

  2. Hezbollah only 40% of the Shiaa?!

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