Are Lebanese-Israeli talks on the horizon?


Peace Lebanon Israel ?The world media extended last month miles of lines of news print on the Turkish prospect of an Israeli-Syrian peace talks. Currently, Hezbollah, a Lebanese political movement is conducting indirect talks with the Israeli government on the exchange of prisoners due to be held very soon through a German mediator.

This month, numerous senior Israeli politicians including Prime Minister Olmert, extended a hand to the Lebanese government to have direct negotiations on the prospects of a peace settlement; or yet a possible armistice deal.

Among the few remaining issues that is blocking a peace settlement between Lebanon and Israel, namely Hezbollahs reasonable demands for mutual respect among two nations, on occupied Shebaa Farm & Kfar Shouba Hills, which Sarkozy has personally taken the lead in seeing it being resolved.

On the 26th of July (four days ago), former president Amine Gemayel spoke on the most viewed Lebanese political show of Kalem el Nass, the idea of having the Lebanese government conduct indirect negotiations with Israel through french president Nicolas Sarkozy and/or Jordanian King Abdullah II.

I’d like to invite my readers (comments enabled), on “your personal thoughts”, whether the Lebanese Government ought to have indirect talks with Israel? and, why or why not?


6 Responses to “Are Lebanese-Israeli talks on the horizon?”

  1. 1 Sami

    Understand, Hezbollah will ALWAYS find another excuse. The most I fear is defending the Palestinians, and Jerusalem. The guy is mad, he could go far as to say that!!

  2. 2 Elie M.

    Guys, do you expect Lebanon to continuously be fighting Israel, for ever and ever Amen? Aren’t those that have martyred and died so far enough? Can we still afford to keep Israel as an Enemy??

    Shebaa will eventually be returned to the UN; the prisoner swap is near, what else does Israel and Lebanon have as problems? Syria? Let her solve her own problems.

  3. 3 Khalayla

    Avec toutes ces fureurs et de tous ces meurtres et massacres qu’Israel avait commit, comment peut tu meme suggerer des ententes avec Israel? On pourrait resoudres nos problemes avec Israel a propos des fermes de Shebaa au Sud, mais qu’est ce que le gouvernement pourrait dire a ces citoyens pour les crimes qu’Israel avait commis?

  4. Ought to have talks? Why? If they’re smarter than the average Arab, they shouldn’t! All they have to do is consider what the “talks” did for Egypt and Israel and likewise Jordan and Israel. Peace treaties were signed between the “governments” but what did such treaties produce?

    Besides, this is a way for Israel to “divide and conquer.” Israel was humiliated at the hands of the few resistance fighters known as Hizbollah. Imagine then and consider why Israel wants such a deal. I don’t think I need to spell it out.


  5. 5 Aron

    I see no reason why Israel and Lebanon cannot have peace. I fear Hezbollah dosen’t want peace with Israel, because Iran dosen’t want Peace with Israel.
    Negotiation never hurted anyone. We are two small nations, and we both live liberally, and I encourage peace talks, because we have many mutual interests.

  6. 6 M. M.

    My freind, you are forgetting the problem of the Palestinian in Lebanon? Would that be included in the Deal? Would the Christians even accept it? they refuse it more than anyone else, even more than the Shiaa. And lets wait and see the Lebanese coming back to Lebanon from Israeli jails.
    After we get all these issues solved, I see no reason why we can’t have talks after that.

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