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The biggest challenge now for the cedars of Lebanon is climate change,” said Nizar Hani The cedar’s natural range is now 1,200 to 1,800 metres above sea level, Hani said. A warmer climate would mean cedars could only prosper higher up, where it’s colder, and risk drying out, Hani said. Cedars once covered vast swathes […]

IT’s got a ring to it. It seems to be initially discovered by Jeha (he even posted it on YouTube), then redistributed by Beiruti; and here, I’ll do the same. This Lebanese Rap song, frustrated at Lebanon’s social excitement on politics which almost invariably ends with shooting and looting, lashes out with a rap song […]

This is the claimed Israeli newspaper’s decision to publish a handwritten prayer left by Barack Obama in the cracks of Jerusalem’s Western Wall drew criticism Friday as an invasion of his privacy and his relationship with God.

The War of 33


When it comes to wars, not all are reported the same way, why is that? Well the answers are many and varied, if the US has no direct involvement, the conventional media prefers to focus on matters that directly effect the US, and US interests. While one cannot fault the news organizations for reporting on […]

Hows that for a title? Israel, the Jewish state, since 1948 – has caused much help and damage to it’s neighbor to the north, Lebanon. Historically, it has been said, that Israeli Jews, and Lebanese Christians, have had des ententes, viewing it as a survival of existence “in a world of raging Islam”, as has […]

I was really pleased to read today on Reuters, a cultural aspect to Lebanese festivities with such a joyful tone. We lack these while we can do about politics is talk, but truly the scene tells the tale. We are heading back to 2005, thats three years, But this time, we are independent from Syria. […]

Broadband Lebanon is an organization which aims to gather an active and diverse broadband community that supports the implementation of a modern communication infrastructure which in turn becomes the foundation for a knowledge economy in Lebanon. Broadband will give Lebanon a strategic advantage over regional competitors and will open up global markets to Lebanese services, […]

At a conference of Mediterranean countries in Paris, Presidents Bashar al-Assad of Syria and Michel Suleiman of Lebanon agreed to open embassies in each other’s capital and to delineate the border between the two countries. Mr. Muallem met on Monday with Mr. Suleiman and invited him to visit Damascus. The visit would be the first […]

Wadi Abu Jmil is loosing it’s identity. Once home to Lebanese Jews, today it is under threat of loosing one of Lebanon’s oldest identity, Judaism. Though it pleases me to post, that Lebanese Expatriates are helping to fund and renovate the ancient Magen Abraham synagogue in the heart of the Lebanese capital, one of the […]

Soundtrack: Goran Bregovic – Fanfare Ciocãrlia (Asfalt Tango)

The number of real-estate sales operations in Lebanon in the first five months of 2008, rose by 19.4 percent (1/5th) compared to the same period of 2007. This was coupled with a significant rise in property taxes receipts of 55.2 percent to reach LL204.7 billion. The Lebanese ministry of Finance said in a statement the […]

Naharnet is allowing every Lebanese citizen to talk directly to the president without intermediaries. By commenting or posting questions on their site. I am not sure how people will get a response, but it’s a great idea!

As stated in a previous post Lebanon, the ‘only country’ to regain all its detainees from Israeli Jails, has finally been conducted. The recent months following the Doha agreement, Lebanon has witnessed immense challenges and benefits; The removing of an 18 month protest in the heart of Centre-Ville to the election of a President, and the […]

An independent firm, the International Crisis Group (ICG) published yesterday an in depth and balanced report on the current situation on the Christians in Lebanon. It’s a good read. Not your usual know it information. It had many information and historical background on each of the major Christian movements as they re-emerged in 2005, and […]

I would consider this circle’s usual reader as the sort of intellectual. For a Sunday afternoon leisure, I seldom present lectures and documentaries being filtered to provide the finest of world ideas, critical thinking and latest craftsmanship in rascality. I encourage you to watch this 45 minute documentary on fake goods. I leave you to […]

[France 24] La Syrie et le Liban ont décidé de nouer des relations diplomatiques et d’ouvrir des ambassades dans leurs capitales  respectives, une première depuis l’indépendance de leurs pays, décision annoncée à Paris après une série d’entretiens sous l’égide de Nicolas Sarkozy. La première annonce a été faite par le président de la République Nicolas […]

Le projet d’union lancé par le président français est une grande idée, simple mais ambitieuse, audacieuse mais concrète. En politique, les plus grandes idées sont souvent les plus simples ; ce sont celles qui trouvent écho dans l’âme des peuples, dans l’histoire, dans le rêve partagé. L’union de l’Europe, la rencontre des cultures et des […]

World renowned surgeon Michael Dabaghi, or Michael Ellis DeBakey, died of “natural causes” at the Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas on Friday night at the age of 99. Brief History In 1959, Dabaghi performed the first successful carotid endarterectomy, a surgical procedure to correct the carotid artery, which is located in the neck. Two decades […]

Government & Politics The economy is flourishing, we have a president after 18 months of stalemate, we just got a cabinet in parliamwent, and the government is able to do its job now, so it can leave us, the people, alone. Tourism As this blog always mentioned, we were always fine, it was the politicians […]

Nothing pleases me more than to announce today that Lebanese-Canadians made history in July, by consecrating a full-time educational institution in the heart of Canada’s capital, which is a major milestone for the community. The school is called the Providence Academy and is run by the Antonine Sisters, a Maronite Catholic order that originates in […]

Every now and then, I post about emerging Lebanese blogs. Todays post will plain talk my relative and personal views on this blog. As the title ‘Blogging Beirut‘ sounds, seems pretty self-descriptive, but this is not your ordinary conventional Lebanese blog. It seems to be a clump of authors, residing mainly in Lebanon, and unlike the native blogosphere, […]

Guest writer – The website is a jungle of cluttered mess and the design is dispicable. The yellow sickly stained background is so repulsive, I can’t last there for more than five minutes. Which I’ve calculated would take me tripple the time to get the information I’m looking for. To any foreigner wanting to have […]

Sayyed Nasrallah went on TV today, to broadcast a press conference regarding the latest news on the Lebanese detainees in Israel and the swap deal between the two. I expect that in a week or two it will be implemented. July 15 is the most probable, a bit before or a bit after,” … “If […]

This commercial just kills me.

The Lebanese Development Network released a survey of public opinion today, in brief, the question asks: Which political party best represents your point of view? (Download full study)                    

The world media extended last month miles of lines of news print on the Turkish prospect of an Israeli-Syrian peace talks. Currently, Hezbollah, a Lebanese political movement is conducting indirect talks with the Israeli government on the exchange of prisoners due to be held very soon through a German mediator. This month, numerous senior Israeli […]