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The biggest challenge now for the cedars of Lebanon is climate change,” said Nizar Hani The cedar’s natural range is now 1,200 to 1,800 metres above sea level, Hani said. A warmer climate would mean cedars could only prosper higher up, where it’s colder, and risk drying out, Hani said. Cedars once covered vast swathes […]

IT’s got a ring to it. It seems to be initially discovered by Jeha (he even posted it on YouTube), then redistributed by Beiruti; and here, I’ll do the same. This Lebanese Rap song, frustrated at Lebanon’s social excitement on politics which almost invariably ends with shooting and looting, lashes out with a rap song […]

This is the claimed Israeli newspaper’s decision to publish a handwritten prayer left by Barack Obama in the cracks of Jerusalem’s Western Wall drew criticism Friday as an invasion of his privacy and his relationship with God.

The War of 33


When it comes to wars, not all are reported the same way, why is that? Well the answers are many and varied, if the US has no direct involvement, the conventional media prefers to focus on matters that directly effect the US, and US interests. While one cannot fault the news organizations for reporting on […]

Hows that for a title? Israel, the Jewish state, since 1948 – has caused much help and damage to it’s neighbor to the north, Lebanon. Historically, it has been said, that Israeli Jews, and Lebanese Christians, have had des ententes, viewing it as a survival of existence “in a world of raging Islam”, as has […]

I was really pleased to read today on Reuters, a cultural aspect to Lebanese festivities with such a joyful tone. We lack these while we can do about politics is talk, but truly the scene tells the tale. We are heading back to 2005, thats three years, But this time, we are independent from Syria. […]

Broadband Lebanon is an organization which aims to gather an active and diverse broadband community that supports the implementation of a modern communication infrastructure which in turn becomes the foundation for a knowledge economy in Lebanon. Broadband will give Lebanon a strategic advantage over regional competitors and will open up global markets to Lebanese services, […]