Canadian Embassy makes Lebanese life easier


 O Canada! To almost every Lebanese, knows a Lebanese-Canadian or expatriate living in Canada, and boy do good news come out of that friendly nation.

Well, today the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, announced that the Department is enhancing the services offered by its visa office in Beirut (Beyrouth), Lebanon. Effective immediately, permanent resident applicants from Lebanon can choose to be interviewed by immigration officers in Beirut.

Citizens of Lebanon deserve to have their visa interviews conducted in their own country,” said Minister Finley. “We are upgrading our services at the visa office in Beirut in order to make it easier for people to complete their application process.”

Until now, permanent resident applicants were required to travel to Damascus, Syria, for an interview since immigrant applications from Lebanon are processed by the visa office in Damascus. The only exception applied to family class applicants who had the choice of being interviewed in either Beirut or Damascus. In such cases, immigration officers would travel from Damascus to Beirut to conduct the interviews.

This new change means that applicants requiring interviews will now have a choice between Beirut, Lebanon and Damascus, Syria.

The Government of Canada is continuously looking at ways to improve services to applicants.


4 Responses to “Canadian Embassy makes Lebanese life easier”

  1. 1 Heba sarraj

    Am asking for immigration for me and my kids am 36 years old divorced with two girls am looking for better futur and life for me and my girls please accept me

  2. 2 Michel georges al khoury

    Dear . I want to go to canada with my wife & my 3 girl . I am 44 years old , my wife 34 , my girl rita 7 , my girl clara 5 , & my baby girl caline 1 day . I want to work in canada with my wife . I hop to accept my aplication .

  3. 3 Houssam Chaarawi

    Hello mr embasedor please I want to imegrate to canada for my children and their live because I respect your living and your rules in your state and I hope you will accept my application please .thank you with my respect to your position.

  4. Whaat! Until now, Lebanese applicants had to go to Damascus! It is about time! what took them so long?

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