Join me in this fight for ‘righteousness’ ?


Confucius once said that…

Goody goodies, are the thieves of virtue.

I’d like to explain the wisdom behind this…

When People fight wars… I trust them, if the reason in which they fight a war, is to steal other peoples properties, natural resources (and women), because they will fight a merciful war. They won’t destroy the things they want to capture, they want to enjoy them; and thats a war based on natural, common, everyday human greed.

The most awful wars, are those waged for ‘moral principles‘… example: “you are a lousy Communist, or Islamic fundamentalist, or Zionist”, (or whatever the times judge), “you have a philosophy that is destructive to religion, and virtue, and everything we love.. and Therefore, we will exterminate you to the last man untill you surrender unconditionally!”. Such wars are ruthless beyond beleif. We can blow up whole cities, and wipe people out, because we are Not Greedy… but because we are Righteous!

Thats why the goody goodies are the thieves of virtue.
If you’re going to do something ‘evil’, do it for a playing, honest, selfish motive.


4 Responses to “Join me in this fight for ‘righteousness’ ?”

  1. 1 Joseph

    if that is truly what you think then you are ignorant of the universal precepts of just war which many of us do our best to abide by……this may help you understand truly these precepts:

    so when we go to war for “moral reasons” we do our best to limit damage to military targets only….though tragically there are times when non-combatants my get caught in the crossfire…..a tragedy to be sure and I mourn each one

    the terrorist organization al Qaeda though, makes it very difficult since they don’t have the guts to fight us honorably out on an open battlefield….they cower behind all the human shields they can find

  2. 2 Elie S.

    Habibi Solomon, you complely misunderstood! In fact re-reading your comment made the fools’ post made much more sense. How about reading the post again?

  3. “The most awful wars, are those waged for ‘moral principles‘”

    Not all. If Lebanese had stuck to the principle that it is the duty of people to establish courts of justice and have mechanisms to attempt to enforce its will, the 2006 war could probably have been avoided: Hezbo would either be outlawed and unable to instigate conflict, or spun off into a separate state, or Lebanon would invite the U.N. in to enforce sovereignty, or at least enforce the disarmament under Chapter 7.

    Furthermore, reflect and consider exactly how WWII was permitted to get started.

    Would it not be more accurate to state, then, that “the most awful wars are those waged for the lack of moral principles”?

  4. 4 Joyce

    Hahahhaa… this is exactly why I love this blog

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