US – Lebanon: $400 million arms ‘deal’


It has been reported that the Jewish Lobby (AIPAC) in the US has been trying to stop a $400 million arms deal with Lebanon in order to strengthen Lebanons’ National Army. This was initially how the news got leaked of the arms deal.

The reason the Jewish Lobby is not too fond of the arms deal, is because they include anti-tank missiles.

Many see potential in strenghening the Lebanese army, more notably to empower the ‘weak Lebanese Army‘ Sayyed Nasrallah keeps calling, in the hope Hezbollah would have fewer and fewer reasons to keep its arms after the Lebanse army can protect its own rather than rely on Hezbollah. In this bloggers view, Hezbollah would eventually have all its demands fulfilled, as the discussion of its arms would be the last bastion it would hold as excuse to bear arms.

Now, the reason I’m posting this news, is not because the deal may empower the Lebanese National Army, but my curiosity is wandering off to the term deal. I wonder… is Lebanon actually paying for these arms, or is it a grant of $400 million in form of gun powder and killing machines?

Do we really need more arms?


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