Discidium groups, like you!


Read the news; All political camps that are pro-one-side are loosing ground. They are untrustworthy, and un-Lebanese by the opponents side. Notice, every poltician that is neutral, is having more vocal power. This is a good sign. The latin term ‘discidium‘ suggests the idea of division, separation, disagreement, tearing apart; and each of the political camps, March 14 and March 8, are discidium groups.

Discidium groups aught to be abolished. Sure, we do need different political ideals and thoughts, conflicting ideas, they force people to think, and argument, this way each one would know what they mean.

As the late Watts says, “we wouldn’t know a prickles was, if it weren’t for goo.” We need different ideologies. But not discidium groups, and therefore, the change starts with me. and you.


One Response to “Discidium groups, like you!”

  1. 1 Darko

    well…….not sure if you analyzes is correct, i mean, they SHOULD be loosing supporters but dont think that the majority of the lebanese public have the courage to end their support to their respective sect leaders, its just not in the Lebanese mindset, even if they’re being screwed on a daily basis by that leader. Anywayz. i think some organizations need to do some polls to get a glimpse of the reality

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