Hassan Nasrallah owes Lebanese residents an Apology!


I expected it frankly. But he didn’t say it. Which was a huge disapointment. He missed it, just like that!

Hassan Nasrallah was supposed to give an appology for being forced to use weapons on his own people, something ‘the whole country‘ was promised he would never, ever do. He must be well aware, that every time he makes a promise, it’ll be thought of twice, and we’ll be weiry on all his future intentions.

As an observer, I still expect an appology from Sayyed Nasrallah to the Lebanese people.

In other news, the loud General Michel Aoun, wants a key cabinet post (Treasury Ministry?). Aoun also “told everybody” that he would not accept to join the new cabinet, unless Lebanese Shiites and Lebanese Sunnis each get a key government post, as well. Today, Samir Franjieh impressed me for the first time with an article to Al Liwa’, which you can read a brief about in English.


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