Kouchner welcomed in Beyrouth


6 juin 2008 Adored among Beyrouthi circles, the charismatic french minister of foreign affairs Bernard Kouchner reached Beyrouth on friday, greeted by french diplomats and foreign ministry officials. France, our long historic benefactor have finally come back to greet our freshly assigned president of the republic. Tomorrow, french president Nicolas Sarkozy will head to the palais présidentiel in Baabda, to greet lebanese president Michel Sleiman.

On another note, Franςois Bayrou (cenriste), famous among French-Lebanese citizens last year during first round of elections, will be joining Sarkozy, along with Socialist Francois Hollande, communist Marie-George Buffet and the left-wing leader Jean-Michel Baylet along with former Premier Jean-Pierre Raffarin.

French-Lebanese writer Amine Maalouf will also be part of the French delegation which will meet with leaders of 14 Lebanese political parties.

Sarkozy’s office said he invited the opposition leaders to convey a “message of encouragement, of friendship and hope” as Lebanon emerges from months of political/sectarian strife.

This is a strong and reassuring message from the french government to the Lebanese people.


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